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Why Publed?

Guaranteed Ownership

Publed ensures creators' ownership rights by leveraging NFTs. Each Knowledge Objects is minted as a unique NFT, providing indisputable proof of ownership and authenticity.

Open Discussion

Publed promotes an open discussion environment where you can participate in meaningful discussions around Knowledge. This encourages collaboration, feedback and the exchange of ideas.


Publed harnesses the inherent transparency of blockchain technology, providing users with a transparent and auditable record of all interactions and changes to published content.


Publed guarantees the authenticity and originality of the content remains intact over time, giving users confidence in the integrity of the platform.

Decentralized Storage

Publed leverages decentralized storage technology, distributing content across multiple nodes instead of relying on a single centralized server.

Monetization Opportunities

Publed empowers creators to monetize their knowledge in various ways, such as subscriptions, selling access to premium content, or donations.


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You can easily create your profile, which will be minted as an NFT and will act as an NFT and will act as a digital and dynamic CV that will record all your proactivity during your knowledge-seeking journey.


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Whether you're doing a coursework, a research project, educational material, official documents, you can do it easily, with a few steps and no friction, by uploading all the docs in the most diverse formats (e.g., pdfs, slides, videos, code).


Explore others' work

Explore an array of Knowledge Objects crafted by diverse creators, immersing yourself in a myriad of content formats. Engage with creators through interactive features such as comments, questions, or even extend a word of appreciation for their remarkable work.


Create your workspace

If you're creating a workshop, a course or anything else that needs to have more sections and more content, you can create your own dedicated Workspace and organize all your content seamlessly.

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